Couponing 101: Where to Find Grocery Coupons

So you think you can shave 90% off your grocery bill the first time you go shopping with coupons? Not! As with anything else, you need to learn the tips, tricks and tools of the couponing craze. Common Sense with Money has 4 tips you should consider before even stepping foot in your local grocery store. Read the article first.

Where do you find coupons? There are several places; the first place to look is your Sunday newspaper inserts. Manufacturer’s coupons are inserted into most Sunday papers throughout the country. The tip is to not just buy one newspaper, but buy 2 or 3 newspapers to maximize your savings and coupons. Then look at other Sunday papers for inserts. In the Cleveland, Ohio, area I found 3 newspapers with coupon inserts. I bought 2 of each paper; total cost of papers? $9.50. Total coupon savings? Over $30, that is a savings! If you can’t find or afford to buy this many papers, then split the cost with a friend or family member, ask your neighbor for their paper. says to buy the All You magazine for other coupons; it is published once a month. Save the magazine for coupon tips, recipes and time saving articles. Better yet, buy a subscription to All You and you won’t miss an issue.

Online coupon sites are also a great place to find many of the grocery, pet, magazine, movies and prescription coupons every week. Subscribe to the following places for weekly and/or monthly emails.
Coupon Database here (updated often)
Krazy Coupon Lady

Build up your coupon stash of coupons, shop like you normally do and use your coupons when you have them on sale items to maximize your savings.