Reduce and Recycle: Donate Leftover Wedding Items

Have you attended a wedding recently? Planning a wedding sometime soon? Ever wonder what the bride and groom do with all those leftover flowers, guest party favors, candles and leftover cake? These items and other wedding decor do not have to be left behind or thrown away; there is another option – recycle.

Special E is a one of a kind business that picks up leftover items from weddings and other events. These items are then recycled and re-purposes them to help our planet and donates items to people who can utilize them. “The items we collect are re-directed to food banks, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries, missions, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and a wide range of relief agencies and charitable organizations around the world.”

The Special E services about 30 cities across the US. However, even if you don’t live in one of the cities serviced, you can still donate your leftover wedding favors, wedding cake, and other items you will probably never use again.

Leftover Food

If you utilize a catering company, ask what they do with the leftover food. Oftentimes a catering company will donate leftover food to the local food bank.

Wedding Favors

Consider donating your leftover wedding favors to a local charity, school or resell them online such as Craigslist or Freecycle. Also ask your wedding reception hall if they can reuse your items, especially candle holders, flower vases, decorative stones and chair sashes.

Wedding Dresses

Although many brides often keep their wedding gown for memory’s sake, bridesmaids’ dresses and bridal accessories may be donated to a charitable organization such as Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation or to your local high school for girls who cannot afford a prom or homecoming dress. There is also a movement for brides to purchase gently used wedding gowns, which helps reduce wedding expenses. Either way, precycle and recycling your dress and bridal party dresses is a sound eco-friendly way to reduce waste and expenses.

Find more ways to live a greener life at the Green Bride Guide.

3 thoughts on “Reduce and Recycle: Donate Leftover Wedding Items

  1. Kimberly Goldstein

    Hi there,

    I have leftover candleholders and lanterns I would like to donate. How do I go about it and are there any costs involved?



    1. Alicia R Young

      I’d call your local wedding halls and/or caterers and ask if you could donate your leftovers. Also, is a good source too. Thanks for asking!

  2. D Young

    Great ideas! We must become a NATION that recycles and gives to those in need. Doesn’t always have to be money, it can be giving away what we don’t use or don’t need. Thank you!

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